Amber Auger, RDH, MPH

Amber Auger, is owner of Millennial Mentor, a clinical and business dental consulting company. Amber is a motivational speaker and host of #AskAmberRDH. She provides dental hygiene services to the undeserved both locally and abroad.


Kristine Berry (Hodsdon), RDH, MSEC

Kristine Berry’s articles and programs have reached over 50,000 professionals around the globe. Through her keynotes and online coaching programs, she teaches women professionals how to lead authentically, to create the careers or businesses they desire, and, in the larger cultural context, how to develop strong leaders. Kristine creates experiences in the room that break the ice, weave people together, and elevate the learning into pure transformation. Contact her via www.kristineberry.com or kristineahodsdon@gmail.com.


Emily Boge, CDA, RDH, MPA

Wife, mother, farmer, student, college administrator, educator, inventor, public health advocate, business woman, researcher, writer, speaker–yet always a dental hygienist—Emily has worn many hats over the course of her 18 years in the dental industry. She takes pride in utilizing her inquisitive mind and honest attitude to lead faculty at her college, influence manufacturers to listen to dental professionals in product innovation, and transform students into entry level professionals, promoting the use of inner accountability, tenacity, and empowerment. 


Sara Paone, RDH, RNCP

Sara Paone has spent over twenty-five years as a practice-building registered dental hygienist, including the last ten years as a consultant, author, and educator. Sara’s clinical work, consulting, and teaching are predicated on the belief that dentistry has a vital role to play as a primary preventative strategy for our patients’ overall health, a role driven by the systemic links between our oral and overall health. Sara, through her hygiene clinic, Mouth Matters, is proudly a strategic part of an Integrated Health Care Facility located in High Park, Toronto. Sara is also a co-founder of the Oral Wellness Learning (OWL) Institute in Dentistry, a teaching institute based in Oakville, Ontario, rooted in oral health and its link to overall systemic wellness.


Michelle Strange, RDH, MSDH

Michelle began her career in dentistry in 2000. She graduated with a degree in dental hygiene in 2005 and a Master’s in Dental Hygiene Education in 2012. She has practiced exclusively in periodontics as a hygienist and a surgical assistant, finding true enjoyment in the educational aspect of patient care. She became a faculty member in a dental hygiene program in 2008 and continues to educate future dental hygienists. In addition, she is the Clinical Educator for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc. Her newest endeavor, “A Tale of Two Hygienists,” is a podcast that was created to inform and renew enthusiasm in the dental community.


Jackie Sanders, RDH, MBA

Jackie Sanders, RDH, MBA, is Sunstar’s manager of professional relations and communications. Sanders serves as a liaison responsible for communications with professional and industry associations, educational institutions and the dental professional community. She is a recognized and active opinion leader within the dental hygiene community and associated social networking programs. Prior to joining Sunstar in 2008, Jackie practiced for 13 years as a registered dental hygienist. During this time, she also provided consulting services to several dental manufacturers and held an adjunct faculty position. She proudly serves on the ADEA Legislative Advisory Council, is a member of the ADHA IOH Advisory Committee, and serves on several Corporate Councils and Editorial Boards.