Full Name
Josey Sewell RDH
Job Title
DEO- Dentist Entrepreneur Organization
Speaker Bio
Josey Sewell, RDH is a Partner at the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization and the Co-Founder of DEO MAP, a business operating system built specifically for growing dental companies. She is an expert in operations and leadership and finds joy in helping teams overcome their toughest challenges. Josey discovered her passion for group dentistry when she made the jump from clinician to executive leader. She has held nearly every seat on the executive team including being the Chief Operating Officer of a rapid-growth, multi-location dental group. She has become one of the industry's most sought after coaches because of the positive relationships she builds with others and the results her clients see- in the quality of their personal life as well as their company performance. In the last two years she has facilitated over 150 full-day coaching sessions with executive teams across the country, that is over 1,500 hours of direct coaching and facilitation! Josey is a fierce advocate for teams and people and finds joy in helping leaders create an environment where team members can thrive. She is a dynamic leader who gives willingly of her time, expertise, and knowledge. Attendees of Josey's presentations often comment how relatable she is and how valuable and practical her content is. Whether it is a webinar or a full-day session, you will leave her session feeling hopeful, confident and prepared to take the next step in achieving your goals.
Josey Sewell